Actors are the out of touch wealthy elite

So, let’s examine exactly what an ‘actor’ is.

vaderAn actor is a person who gets given a script of words written by somebody else.

An actor reads out the words, coached by the director as to how they should sound, the style, what emotions they should project, what the audience should perceive as they hear them.

An actor is paid a huge amount of money for standing on the stage or in front of the camera, reading out another person’s words in a style chosen by somebody else.

An actor rapidly becomes a member of the extremely wealthy elite, completely out of touch with reality and the average human.

For some bizarre reason, an actor, having only experienced reading out other people’s words in somebody else’s style, then considers their experience and extreme wealth somehow makes them an expert on politics and world events, and completely in touch with ordinary people.

Oh, come on!