Israel and Islamic State building towards the final showdown

Recently, bunches of Jews threatened to leave their current host countries, France and the United Kingdom, and head off to their holy land, their nirvana, their promised land, Israel.  They threatened this because their community felt threatened by their arch nemesis, the Muslims.

Under the rules of being a Jew, they have to speak often, defensively and affectionately of Israel even when they’ve never been there, weren’t born there, and have only quite ambiguous ties to the place.  Other rules say they must make a wide-eyed pilgrimage to Israel as often as they can afford.  When they die, their remains should ideally head off to Israel. Only the poor Jews get buried in the country they are living in.

The point being that Jews are indoctrinated from birth to consider Israel over and above wherever they are living.

Israel holds this bizarre magnetic attraction for them.

Not to be outdone by the pesky Jews, the Muslims have almost identical traits. Since their brand of the religion was invented long after the Jewish version, they have instead demanded pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Mecca, hosted, for now, in Saudi Arabia.  To not go to Mecca at least once in life is a failing, identical to the failing of Jews to head to Israel.

Both sects are punished by not being as godly when they die.  I guess it’s a bit like not being able to use the expensive executive departure lounge or something.

For some reason, normals and those of other religions have reacted with upset and sadness at Jews saying they might be leaving their host countries and heading off to their Israel.  There have been mixed reactions when Muslims head off to help build their new promised land.

The Islamic religion doesn’t have a promised land as such.  Yet.  That’s why the Islamic State, or whatever their trading name is, is creating one for Muslims, just as Israel was created by and for the Jews.

They are building their Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) caliphate in an identical way to how Israel was built and is being expanded.  They are doing it by killing anybody who happens to already live in the area they’ve decided belongs to them, by taking property and murdering anybody who dares to not capitulate or not to convert to their brand of religion.

So, the Islamic State caliphate, just like the Jewish state Israel, is attracting Muslims to leave from the UK and other host counties to go there to help build their new and promised land.

It’s going to take a decade or so for the caliphate to stabalise as it sucks in and joins up other disconnected and lesser Islamic areas into its master control.

Then, when it’s stable enough and a big enough neighbour to Israel to go head to head with equal fire power and determination, that’ll be when the Middle East will be the most dangerous place on earth. Hopefully by then, we in Europe will have become all but rid of the evil Middle Eastern religions, and be able to live in some form of peace and harmony wearing the single label of ‘human’.