Tower Hamlets tolerance

Somebody put this notice up on the railings of Bartlett Park in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, apparently.  Tower Hamlets has a majority population of strictly Islamic Bangladeshi families, a directly elected Bangladeshi Mayor, and local ‘control’ is dominated by Bangladeshi councillors.  All being members of an Islamic organisation called ‘Tower Hamlets First‘ set up by the Mayor to act as a single ‘political party’ and implementer of Sharia law for family disputes.  To all intents and purposes, whilst being established within the structure and law of the land, Tower Hamlets has its own separatist and Islamic Government.

This has spurred on the more vociferous and aggressive puritanical followers of Islam to go out into the streets and challenge the traditions and lifestyles of the English White ethnic minority that live in the area and have done so for most of their life.  They will harass and inform English White woman (‘free’ women are always targeted by Muslims) that they are not allowed in the streets without wearing more modest clothing, and they will patrol and clear the streets of those non-Muslim men who are drinking or smoking.

It is most likely that the above notice was stuck up by a non-Muslim making a political point or helping stoke the fire of fear that the non-Muslims of Tower Hamlets are now forced to live under.  Dog walkers in Tower Hamlets are constantly being surrounded by Muslim men and told they are not allowed to walk their dogs on certain streets.  The Islamic faith has an inbuilt hatred of dogs as pets because, we are told, their prophet Mohammed hated dogs, especially black ones.  Something about how the dogs stopped him seeing angels, or, according to others, pet dogs attacked him when he frequently beat his 9 year old child bride Aisha, and the dogs tried to protect her.  Who knows what the truth of the origin of the Islamic hatred of pet dogs is, but it is inbred into the faith.

Most public notices in tower Hamlets are not written in English, indeed most street signs are not allowed to be displayed in English, so it is possible that this ‘street sign’ was not put up by a Muslim.  However, it is equally possible that it was.  I hope the police will investigate this act of intimidation.