Who’s behind The Donald?


I’m confused as to what this moving gif (If it’s not moving, click through to a platform that supports movement) means. Let me try to work it out.

Scooby Doo and friends appear to have captured The Donald. Shaggy is holding Scooby which is not helping calm his obvious onset of Parkinson’s Disease caused by all the dope he smokes.  Scooby appears to be avoiding watching the actions of closet gay serial murderer Fred, who is obviously working for Clinton.

Fred has decided to behead The Donald. What a feckin’ Bastard. (Fred, not The Donald)

I’m not sure of the full function of the two girls.  One seems to just be a typical dumb blonde. She probably exists to try to hide Fred‘s homosexuality. The other one, well, the other one I’m guessing is a dominatrix who likes tying people up.  But, they are female and so only play supporting roles. Let’s talk about the action rather than waste time thinking about those who are only there to make the sandwiches, coffee, answer the phone and type letters.

Fred is pulling The Donald‘s head off.

But wait.  Under The Donald‘s head is not a dastardly secondary evil character, it’s just 100% The Donald.  Yes, and no matter how many times you pull The Donald‘s head off, it’s still only ever The Donald you are left with.  What you see is what you get with The Donald!

Has anybody tried pulling Clinton‘s head off?  What’s underneath?

I think we should be told.

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