Impersonating dead people

A few months ago in an aggressive Scottish town called Glasgow, a crowd of over excited predominantly women surrounded a Scottish gentleman waiting for his autograph or to pose for a photo.  Previously they had been screaming and shouting as well as whooping and clapping as he had performed.

Oh how they loved him and hung on every note he warbled, every word he sung.

This man, and he is not the only one, is making a living off of the dead.  Yes, the dead.  He impersonates a dead person. Elvis Presley.

He is not Elvis Presley.  Elvis Presley, a famous American singer who was popular for just over 20 years until he died in the mid 1970s, a fat drug addict.

However, this Scottish gentleman dresses up as if he is Elvis Presley. That’s not the junkie Elvis Presley found dead on the bathroom floor, or the few years before when he was able to perform but had no idea what the words to his songs were, but the Elvis Presley from his more succinct era.

So, this Scottish guy pretends he is Elvis Presley, and people pay to come and see him pretend he is Elvis Presley.  Then at the end they want the autograph of a man who isn’t Elvis Presley.

It doesn’t make any sense.  He is not Elvis Presley.  He’s not even American.  Yet, it’s as if these fans have a mental condition that makes them believe he actually is Elvis Presley. He isn’t, did I mention that?

In truth, this man, and others like him, has no actual talent of his own.  He makes a living out of the dead, not out of any unique and individual ability of his own.  Well, apart from impersonating dead people.

Why would any normal sane person want the autograph of a dead person impersonator?