Zipping on the Wire

I’ve mentioned before how much I genuinely love Liverpool. The main bit. The central bit. The tourist bit. The pretty bit.

You know, people who haven’t been to or experienced Liverpool for five years or more, probably have an outdated idea of Liverpool being a city of deprivation and colourless morons.  It was. It isn’t.

Well, it is if you stray into ‘North Liverpool’ or parts of ‘South Liverpool’.

Unfortunately, ‘North Liverpool’ houses the two main football grounds for Liverpool and Everton.  Both are surrounded by deprivation and druggies and dirge.  Anybody travelling to see either of these Premier League teams must feel like they’ve stepped back into a post-war bombsite area.  It’s pretty disgusting outside the stadia.

But not so the delicious ‘island’ of excitement and hustle and bustle that is central Liverpool.

This is the part of Liverpool that has and does stuff.  It has Lambananas (dozens of statues of half lamb half banana), and has had gigantic spiders roaming the street, as well as massive giants of old ladies who spit and urinate in the street, and the largest dog on the planet.  It is a brilliant place.

So, it was completely reasonable for them to install a zip wire over the heads of shoppers in one of the main precincts.  It’s 35 metres (115 feet) high in the sky, and lets people reach speeds of up to 40 mph as they hurtle the length of Church Street.

What can I say about it as an experience?

It’s boss!