No sex on TV?

What is wrong with these people who scream and shout about sex on TV or in the cinema? (I mean, in the film you are watching in the cinema, not people just randomly having sex in a cinema!)

I’ve never understood this fear of natural consensual acts that means we are told that sexually related material is some kind of evil to be banned, and yet it’s all perfectly fine to have TV shows with plotlines built around man’s inhumanity to man, often including the relatively unnatural and definitely unconsensual acts such as murder and torture or other forms of cruelty.

I certainly would much rather a child watch an act of love making than a shoot-out to the death, yet the latter infests TV during almost all programmes bar the soaps, without the scary nutters screaming about banning it.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Christopher. Even the so-called “adult” channels available on British TV are subject to ridiculous censorship. True story; I once allegedly owned a nagravision decoder that enabled viewing of such channels and strictly for educational purposes of course settled down one night to investigate with tissues to hand (I had a cold, honest guv!). The so-called “XXX entertainment” was so tame I didn’t sneeze once. Had I actually paid the tenner to view I would have felt sorely ripped off. Now these channels are on after midnight and require a PIN to order so are totally safe from minors – why oh why in these enlightened times does TV need this censorship?


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