They don’t value life

To some of us, life is a wonderful and valuable thing.

To some of us, death is not a wonderful thing. It has a value as the ‘full-stop’ at the end of life, true.  Yet it also brings pain and heartache.

When somebody we love dies they are suddenly gone. Not just gone to work, not gone to see a friend, not gone shopping, not gone on holiday, and not just gone away for a while.  They’ve gone away forever.

That’s it.

They now can never be a part of whatever is to be experienced next.

For those they leave behind, they become a memory.  With time that memory fades, and then when those who remember them also die, they become a name and a date of birth, date of death, plus listed as the parent, husband, or wife of others.  And that’s it.

Very rarely, and for only a very tiny few of the humans who live and then die, there are outsiders who know and can keep a record of what they were like as a person, and that gets committed to history.  For everybody else there’s nothing. We are here and then we are gone.

This is why for so many of us, life is so extremely precious.  Not just our own, but the life of, well, anybody really.

Sadly our reverence is not shared by what appears to be a growing and dangerous minority … of children.

I’m not talking about those young student morons who celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher, nor those who put things on social media describing how they would have liked to have actually been the one who took her life, including giving us morbid vivid details of the method they would have used to kill her and what her last moments would been like at their hands.

Those people are sick, but I’m talking about those even younger than them.

Liverpool is famous for two 10 year olds taking toddler James Bulger and ritualistically torturing him to a horrible death.

Recently, two 14 year olds and a 17 year old thought it would be fun at 5:30 in the morning (what were the 14 year olds doing out all night?) to viciously kick to death a homeless man, 53 year old Kevin Bennett, who they found sleeping rough on the steps of an Iceland supermarket not far from the scene where James Bulger’s body had been mutilated.

Strangely, two of the boys had a brother who was already in prison for using a glass bottle to violently murder a stranger in a takeaway some months before.

This latter fact gives us two insights.  Firstly, that the younger brothers learned nothing from their brother’s conviction to help them realise that life is precious and not to be taken away ‘for a laugh’.  They didn’t even learn the fear of what happens when you are caught.

Secondly, what kind of an upbringing had these children had?  Not a good one it seems.  Their scummy druggy mummy, never having worked a day in her life, and taking all the handouts we normal people could afford to give her, had mainly brought them up with neglect.  They had been given no values beyond the idea that, like her, they should lie, steal, and take take take, as their approach in life.  The boys were underdeveloped, disruptive, violent and regular drug users, and known to the police for their constant anti-social behaviour.

They are now also known to the rest of us for their complete disregard for human life.

The most bizarre fact is that whilst being, generally speaking, the most intellectually and technologically advanced species on the planet, we seem to be the only species that enjoys harming and killing others of our species just for fun. The bombs that killed and maimed in Boston are just the very latest example of this ‘killing for fun’.

Luckily, for every living piece of shit like this women and her three murderous sons, there are dozens who care enough to try to save lives.  These people, the doctors, the nurses, the paramedics, the mountain rescuers, the lifeboatmen, the firemen, the policemen, the first aiders, the ordinary folk who go the extra mile in order that strangers might live, including the organ donors, share a common high regard for life.  These are the people who came running to the aid of the victims of the Boston bombings, and will always come running to the aid of fellow human beings.

For the moment, these wonderful and selfless people out number those who wish us harm for their amusement.

But, that’s just for the moment.