Those that live off others

A great loud deal is made of the people who ‘leech’ on the rest of us.

These are the privileged few who make money out of the rest of us.

It’s probably ok to make a fair profit out of providing stuff or services, in the same way that it’s ok to get a fair wage for an honest day’s work.

Where it all goes wrong is when somebody makes an absolute fortune and profit from the toils of somebody else who sees none of it.  And of course there’s the obscene level of cash being made by those at the very top of the tree.

Bankers probably lead the way when it comes to huge profits being pocketed by individuals, generated off the backs of those who are just about scraping a living.  But equally, at the extreme other end are those who won’t work yet expect to be given money to live, to be given free housing, and to have all their children paid for subject to their own whim of banging them out without any responsibility or care about being able to afford them.

Inbetween these two extremes are many others unfairly making their money from everybody else.

Probably the most obscene of  those ripping the ordinary folk off are those who do it whilst pretending they are not.  Yes, this can include those pretending they are going to provide a service, but not actually delivering, leaving their victims penniless and in a mess.

Worse that the rogue traders are those who make money whilst leading others into ruin by convincing them to believe in a particular religion or political philosophy.   Classic examples from 30 or 40 years ago were the highly paid Trade Union leaders, usually being paid 10 or 15 times what their average membership were earning.  To add insult to injury, they were constantly forcing their membership out on strike.

When the ordinary man is out on strike he loses wages and because he’s on strike is excluded from getting any form of state benefit or assistance   During this time, the Union Masters continue to draw their vastly over generous salaries.

(The original sponging scab)

The workers don’t see that this is wrong.  They are indoctrinated into believing that it is in some way fair. Indeed, some will even say that if Union Masters are earning the same as the Captains of Industry it makes it easier for them to negotiate with them.

This was the way of Trade Unionism up until its back was broken in the mid 1980s.

Indeed, Arthur Scargill, the leader of the Miners, who forced them on strike without a ballot or mandate, made a fortune out of his membership.  To this day he languishes in a lovely and somewhat large detatched cottage in Barnsley, in Yorkshire, and also forces the National Union of Mineworkers to pay the rent on his very posh multi-Million Pound Barbican flat in London.  Since there are now only 1,700 members of the NUM it’s costing them £20 each to subsidise his way of life.  Plus, of course, they are paying him a very healthy pension, thank you very much.

Leeches of the Arthur Scargill type abound.  Look at Derek Hutton.  He was the Trotskyite who deliberately bankrupted the city of Liverpool, yet all the locals believed in him like sheep.  Hatton forced them into greater and greater poverty that most didn’t ever recover from, yet this man is now very nicely positioned on the rich list.  His very lucrative property business in Greece helps fund his rich Middle Class lifestyle.

Those who Derek Hatton fooled into following and believing in him haven’t done so well.  Living their lives stuck just on the breadline is their legacy from Hatton.  Maybe they’ll crack a smile if Hatton recently lost some of his £Millions in the Cyprus banking crisis.

More likely, they’ll not even realise how wealthy this man is, and they’ll still revere 30 years ago when Hatton trapped them in poverty as if it was a good move and successfully put fingers up to ‘Maggie’.

There are many more examples of people saying do as I say but not as I do.  We tend to think of these as confined to the chattering classes, the politicians, the likes of Diane Abbott, the politician who screams and shouts when Black people suffer racism, yet is happy to make racist outbursts herself.  Abbott is also the politician who shouts down the idea of private schools, making quite demeaning remarks against them, and then sends her own child to a privileged private school.

As usual with all these politicians and trade unionists, what they expect their followers to do, the money they expect them to live off, the circumstances of the ordinary person, the opportunities afforded to them, are always a long way from the reality of the privileges of those very politicians and trade unionists barking out the expectations.

We all know how true this is of the religions.  Religions bark out instructions designed for controlling their sheep’s sex life, whilst secretly enjoying free pickings and the children they use to satisfy their own sexual needs.

It is bizarre that the loudest voices of discontent are usually against those who happily live a rich and privileged life and say there’s nothing wrong with it.  The malcontents will sneer and spit at these people.  Yet they will revere those who, whilst living in the same lap of luxury as those we’ve just mentioned, will huff and puff and denigrate wealth and privilege.  The malcontents will not even notice the irony of their stupidity and cruel double standards.

We need to move towards a fair society that congratulates and rewards success and tries to emulate it, rather than sneeringly abuse and steal from it.