Will they now stop altering the actual temperature records?

Amazing. Nobody officially has a satisfactory explanation as to why it’s done. However, it’s done. The figures we get to see or hear people bleating on about are not the actual figures.

Hell yeah, I’m talking about ‘climate change’.

In order to feed the narrative that it’s warming, we are not allowed to see the actual raw data of temperatures that are collected from around the world. Instead, they massage them and homogenise them and, generally speaking, reduce the readings from the past. Yep, they make the past colder. Indeed, the further back you go, the colder they make it compared to the actual readings at the time.

As you can imagine, the most recent readings also get altered. Surprise surprise. They enhance the reading from the last few years … upwards! Yep, they make the present warmer than the actual readings provided by the temperature gauges.

They then make it almost impossible for folk to access the ‘raw data’, the temperature readings collected by the actual instruments. Some folk has had to file Historic temperatures just keep getting colderFreedom of Information requests to get them to release it.

Generally though, the pretend figures they’ve released are then used to assist a lot of bleating about how we are facing ‘global warming’. And worse, it’s all our fault!

These are two separate issues, of course. The link to anything to do with the climate changing being ‘our fault’ is never actually demonstrated, just ‘assumed’. The ‘fact’ that climate is changing to the point that we have some form of catastrophic ‘warming’ only seems to be ‘proven’ by taking the raw data and playing with it, altering it, in order to get the result that’s wanted.

How can this be acceptable?

Well, of course, it isn’t.

And that’s why President Donald Trump is pulling funding from this alarmist pseudoscience and those previously riding the gravy train are squealing.