The EYES have it, the EYES have it

So, I was watching the news in a room which contained a person who, erm, shall we say, is a little bit removed from any interest in politics.

commonsFair enough. Horses for courses, innit. They are an excellent Snapchat user.

Anyway, there on the screen was the Speaker of the House of Commons. He was announcing the results of a division, a vote, and after reading the numbers voting ‘Aye’, followed by the number voting ‘No’, he declared, “The ‘Aye’s have it, the ‘Aye’s have it”.

At this point, the person in the room who is, er, a little removed from any interest in politics asks, “So, which is the EYES party and which is the NOSE party, and what have the EYES just got?”

It took a few moments for the rest of us to fall in. Kids of today, eh?