Stop giving expats our money

One of the things we need to stop as part of the final stage of ‘Brexit’ is the haemorrhaging of money and the rights to vote that we seem to be happy to give to people who don’t live here.

Why do we tolerate people who were once UK residents but have left this country to permanently live elsewhere, draining our resources or interfering in our affairs?

expatsI mean, if they don’t live here what right should they have to vote in elections or referendum that aren’t going to affect them. Fine if they are working on a contract abroad but the UK remains their main residence, but if they are permanently not living here, and haven’t lived here for years, why do we allow them to meddle in our affairs? How can that be right?

Equally, if somebody was receiving benefits and other hand-outs whilst living in the UK, why are they allowed to still get them when they are permanently resident in another country? Why are we paying for their healthcare? None of it makes any sense

Let’s hope these two oddities are sorted once Brexit means Brexit.