Sterling devalued by an algorithm

So, whilst the likes of anti-Brexit sore losers like James O’Brien from LBC radio preach their daily leftie sermons about the sky falling, the truth is that the value of our currency is controlled by a lone algorithm.

algorYes, an algorithm.  An algorithm.

No human is involved.  Just a computer scanning things with its algorithm!

It works by scanning news reports for certain keywords. As soon as it sees those keywords it sets off a ‘flash crash’ by telling currency traders to ‘sell, sell, sell’.

No human needs to get involved. If you want to crash the value of a currency, all you have to do is ensure that certain keywords are in the news. Panic is assured, with no humans actually knowing why.

This is such a brilliant system that it can be used to devalue any currency long enough for cheap purchases to be made ahead of the currency ‘recovering’ and a huge amount of profit having been made.

Currently, using Brexit as a cover, a lot of profit is being made by those buying Sterling low following its panic sales. It’ll get worse as a deliberate rush to dump off Sterling is engineered using ‘Brexit’ as a trigger. The rich will only ever get richer.

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