UK girls head to Jungle to provide sex

I’ve never understood the sexual appeal of mass murderers. However, the more they tortured and raped and slowly killed a person, the more sex appeal they seem to have. They are positively super-attractive if they have killed more than one person.

Murderers serving life in prison are the people that a large collection of woman seem to be attracted to. Inexplicably they’ll write to them, go and see them, and even marry them. What is wrong with these women?

We have an explosion in domestic abuse, with women being battered half to death at the hands of their ‘partners’, yet there are women who find abusers attractive. How is this happening?

A variation of this has now developed with prisoners serving life for multiple murders being replaced by migrants living in the ‘Jungle’ in France.

The ‘Jungle’ is the name given to a camp that has built up in Calais full of thousands of Muslim migrants who have made their way across mainland Europe and are waiting to beat up innocent lorry drivers, or throw trees at them in order to make them stop so that whole groups from the ‘Jungle’ can be illegally smuggled into the UK. They want to come to the UK for their free houses and handouts, rather than stay in France, or indeed, any of the many countries they illegally entered on route. The UK is a far more lucrative goal.

So, life in the ‘Jungle’ used to be quite bleak. Full of frustrated angry men, a lot of them suffering from post traumatic stress from living in, well, war zones, others with pre-existing mental health issues. A powderkeg of violence and intimidation.

jungleAs time has gone on, the ‘Jungle’ has become a magnet for ‘do-gooders’ and ‘charities’. Quite an industry has grown up within and because of the ‘Jungle’, mainly staffed by young British volunteers. An integrated part of this has been sex.

In their hundreds, British females have been ‘volunteering’ to work in the ‘Jungle’. In their hundreds, they’ve been providing sexual services for the migrants. Some arrive with no connection to any charity working there. They just want the migrants to have sex with them.

Local French prostitutes are swamped with work, unable to supply enough girls for the demand. And that’s where the hundreds of British women come in. They travel over to the ‘Jungle’ and make themselves available to these sexually frustrated virile young men. Some of the girls are having sex with multiple partners each day.

True, it’s a lot different to being attracted to mass murderers. Well, except of course, the actual history of each of the men is unknown and unsaid. Who knows how innocent they are? Nobody. Nobody at all. But that doesn’t matter to these bizarre women providing them with uncomplicated sex.

Now, you might surmise that these women happy to bed these long distance travellers are all lard covered massive fat fuglies who couldn’t possibly find a relationship with any normal male in this country.

But they’re not. Most of them are slim reasonably attractive young women. Yet, they are drawn to the ‘Jungle’ in search of uncomplicated sex, in a similar way that others are drawn to mass murderers.

What is wrong with these women?