iPhones for Seniors?


Waiting for a train includes the time wasting ritual of wandering around the WHSmith staring blankly at the publications.  It’s fascinating to realise that the old fashioned print media is still around, wow.  People still buy things called ‘books’ and ‘magazines’. Yeah, they murder trees in order to produce them.

Modern man/woman/non-binary doesn’t need to go near murdered trees, when everything is available on-line.

What made it worse was realising that gigantic multi-page books existed in order to teach old people how to use an iPhone.  Unbelievable!

Huge thick multi-page books on how to use the simplest and least complex mobile phones available to human-kind. WTF?

I noticed there were no books on how to use any Android device.  I guess that’s either because

a) only stupid people buy iPhones, or

b) Androids are so intuitive they don’t need huge tomes of instructions.

Surely ‘seniors’ should stick with their old Nokia phones?