That terrible Facebook Skunk cocktail

Anybody watching an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show will know that we currently face a toxic combination; Facebork and Skunk. Together they are eating away at society and turning wastes of space into dangerous wastes of space.

Facebork is the fastest way to spread misinformation. Users don’t stop to check if what they see is a wind-up, made-up, maliciously said, true, plausible or has any ulterior motive. It’s on Facebork so they just believe without question and share it as ‘fact’ to other people who are just as stupid as they are. Whether it’s an “I saw your boyfriend shag another girl” or a “David Cameron definitely wants to kill everybody because he’s actually a lizard”, it’s on Facebork, so it must be true. Nobody does anything to try to verify, confirm or find other sources, nor do they realise how ridiculous what they are reading might be, they just pass it on to bombard other users who receive the info multiple times from multiple people. It is on Facebork, so many people are saying it, nobody’s questioning it, so it must be true, right?

Skunk (“weed”/”green”) is the standard high grade cannabis derivative that most of the lower classes spend all day smoking rather than going to work like the rest of us. It’s a hell of a lot stronger than the old fashioned Marijuana. They buy it from the proceeds of crime or the handouts the government gives them from the taxes of hard working folk. Skunk gives a high that comes with paranoia. The paranoia comes with an inability to work things out logically. It destroys the brain’s logic functions and so allows a strong belief in all manner of bizarre conspiracy theories. Unable to work things out for themselves, a regular skunk user will just take in without question any ridiculous suggestion they read on Facebork. And then they will spread it, adding vitriol and anger born of their inability to work out that it’s a load of bullshit mixed with their unquenchable paranoia from their destroyed brain.

Those suffering from this awful combination of Facebork crap and crap skunk get angry and lash out. Whether it’s screaming at and beating up their girlfriend because they read that she’s having an affair with a Martian, or shouting about the government of the day having a plan to harvest everybody’s spleens, these people become dangerous. And very scary. They have no ability to separate fact from fiction.

This is a useful almost hypnotic suggestive state for those who want to manipulate them. There is nothing better than drip feeding the ‘suggestible’ with all they need to become angry and to march and riot in the streets. On one side they will be fed fear of newcomers (immigrants), and on the other side they will be fed fear of the government and the establishment. Without questioning, they will do as they are asked by those that are controlling their minds.

They are dangerous when it’s bizarre ideas about their girlfriend that they believe, but lethal when it’s conspiracy theories about the government, the police, etc. All the manipulators have to do is wind them up and let them go and they are no different to, and just as ‘explosive’ as, a suicide bomber from an extremist religion based mind-fuck.

What can we do to protect ourselves from these dangerous sheeple?


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