Teaching Scots about the English flag

The Scottish people from Scotland will often post articles wrapped around this blue background flag with a large white kiss on it. It represents Scotland, this flag. I think they originally chose blue as they mainly want to vote for the Conservative party, but are too scared to start an internal war:


The Scots who hate being part of Great Britain or the United Kingdom, whilst refusing to accept accusations that their nationalism is as racist as any nationalism in England, or in Wales, will scowl when they see the Union Flag:


Indeed, the large minority of Scots who feel they wish to break away from the Union, will often publish versions of the Union flag with all their Tory blue missing:

Union Jack

They will then push it into the faces of English people and sneer at us about how this is what our flag will look like after Scotland has gone.

Sadly, it seems that the Scots, far too wrapped up in their own sense of injustice, don’t realise that we English already have our own flag. It look like this:


The different between the Scottish flag and the English flag is that Scots looking for independence find their flag empowering and are encouraged by the liberal elite and media to proudly and triumphantly wave theirs about.

Here’s the contrast.

If we English dare display our national flag we are cut down by the liberal elite and media who will shout ‘RACIST!‘ (as they do when trying to quieten or shut us down) and politicians (from the left, of course) will post sneering photos of any place daring to fly the English flag as if it’s a wrong thing to do.

Rather than being allowed to feel empowered by our own flag, we English are made to feel frightened and guilty.  Flying of the English flag is banned by a number of the left-leaning local authorities.  In some areas of England, they refuse to acknowledge our flag, in favour of the flag of a foreign country or a religion.

I don’t think the Scots even realise that we English have our own flag.  They seem to think the Union flag is the English flag.  It certainly isn’t.

It’s not just about national flags, though.

Scots will bellow out about Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, sneering at the seat of British power, and looking at English people as if we are somehow to blame.

Scots seem blissfully unaware that whilst they’re subject to rules coming from Brussels, and then rules coming from Westminster, they also now have their own Scottish Parliament dealing with most stuff. The oft forgotten Welsh have an Assembly.

Meanwhile, sadly, we English don’t have our own Parliament or Assembly.

Isn’t it about time we English were given the same devolution as the Scots?