First they came for The Sun, then the Daily Mail

The left, the liberal elite, love to ‘shut people down’ because the elite don’t believe in free speech. The liberal elite hate free speech completely. Heck, free speech sometimes contains opinions that disagree with their rigidly held beliefs. That’s why they pepper-sprayed a Donald Trump supporter purely for her crime of answering questions posed by a camera crew.

In this country their work of censorship is a little more subtle. In Liverpool they have progressively been using a combination of intimidation, persuasion, and, ahem, ‘extreme suggestion’, in order to remove The Sun newspaper from, well, anywhere. Shops are frightened to sell The Sun, and motions have been passed by local government to shun and ban it wherever possible, on a semi-legal sort of Nazi-style basis.

0a8cf-cesunlogoCamps have not yet been allocated for offenders to be placed into, but they’ll be here anytime soon. In the meantime the odd visit of ‘extreme suggestion’ is systematically made by a self-appointed gang of intimidators to ensure the new illegal by-law is upheld. Decades ago, of course, newsagents used to catch fire if they accidentally stocked The Sun.

It’s not just The Sun. The Daily Mail newspaper is also under attack. This time it’s from the liberal elite that control and spread their views by policing and editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia usually asks that any assertion in an article is backed up by references to sources, citations. After a constant barrage of agitation taking some years, the Daily Mail is now not allowed to be quoted as a ‘legitimate’ source.

The bizarre thing about Wikipedia is that almost all of its articles are written extremely subjectively and peppered full of dubious content. Wikipedia is one of the last places to go when looking for facts. Wikipedia is the original home of fake news. And yet, hiding behind it is the same band of like-minded haters. Haters of free speech. Haters of opinions other than their own. Haters of the Daily Mail, and so therefore requiring it be shut down, silence, denigrated for daring to disagree with their take on life.

Well, in the space of a few years they’ve removed The Sun from Liverpool, and now the Daily Mail from Wikipedia. This is a tiny example how the liberal elite are taking control and ensuring that only their fake news is what the public consumes.

These are scary times.