Radio Caroline DA Box up for auction?

I reported previously about the interrupted Morse code mayday message alerting the world to the compromise of the secret place protecting the DA Box, once used by the real Radio Caroline to help broadcast love, peace and good music. See here.

Today, I received a report from one of the first to reach the remote Scottish island. It seems, sadly, that they found nobody alive in the monastery. In fact, they found nobody. Instead, the place was deserted, but it was obvious that a huge battle had taken place. Rooms and equipment had been wrecked and damaged beyond repair. An entire


So it took the team many hours of careful and meticulous searching to locate the special bolt-hole the DA Box had been hidden in. The titanium door had been blasted right through with some force, possibly from a thermic lance, maybe even a localised nuclear explosion. And, to everybody’s dismay, the DA Box had gone. This is unbelievable. Devastating news.

With the DA Box no longer in the protective custody of the monks chosen by founding father, Ronan O’Rahilly, the fear is that it could find its way to any of the pretenders to the throne of the original Radio Caroline.  Heck, there are so many!

70637-ceradiofestivalWhichever Radio Caroline connects it to their output will be able to start filtering the DA from their version of Radio Caroline. This will confuse radio anoraks into believing that they are the real Radio Caroline.

Speculation is that the DA Box has been stolen by a specialist team who are offering it up to the highest bidder amongst those who wish to somehow legitimise a rogue Radio Caroline.

These are troubling times because, should the real and original Radio Caroline ever return, we true and genuine, dedicated Radio Caroline followers won’t be able to tell it from all the false ones. That will truly be a Caroline crisis of Biblical proportions.

More news as I get it.