I’ve been thinking about this.  About how wrong it is to want to leave.

Yes, I know, you may think that I’m some kind of turncoat, but I now realise that wanting to leave is wrong.

In truth, it is shocking that a country wants independence, innit.

They are stronger IN!

They are better IN!

It is outrageous to want to leave the protection of those who obviously know better.


Don’t they realise how foolish they are to want OUT!

Why on earth would they want to leave those who nurture and look after them?

Once they have left, how on earth will they survive?

They just won’t survive will they?

Ask them, just ask them, what life will be like for them once they have gone!

It’s obviously not been thought through, has it?

What will life be like once they LEAVE?

They want independence, the twats.

There’s no way they’ll survive on their own.