Snowflakes shed liberal tears about President Trump

OMG! What just happened? Well, what just happened is that due process happened to confirm that Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States of America.

offendedThose from the liberal left, having lived through two terms of a nice but ineffective lame duck President Obama, a lot of them not being old enough to have actually experienced a Republican president, are the generation that always gets what it wants. When they don’t get things their way, they throw a screaming hissy-fit. They did this when they were in their prams, and threw a load of their toys out at the same time. Obviously, their parents brought them up sheltered from the real world. Delicate little ‘snowflakes’.

Well, the real world voted via the electoral college process for not only a Republican, but Donald Trump.

This didn’t fit in with the snowflakes’ desires. They’d been told that a nice Mrs Clinton would be the person to take over and run business as usual when Obama left.

So, to their shock, Mrs Clinton didn’t win. This was an amazing loss considering that most mainstream media was busy taking the piss out of Trump, and the snowflakes that dominate, own, and control social media were constantly pouring scorn on him with all their tiny might! Not to mention the constant stream of fake news about Trump, of course. Snowflakes were confident that Trump didn’t stand a chance after all that effort.

Then, shock horror, Trump won.

liberaltearsSnowflakes, unable to cope, then went into a frenzy of screaming and bawling.  Rivers of liberal tears were shed.  They’d always got their way, and anybody who didn’t agree with their way was evil and should be called any bad names the snowflakes could think of.

When the name calling stopped, this was replaced by panic. They had to try to stop Trump at any cost. So, they threatened, intimidated, and bribed the ‘electors’ who, as part of the electoral college system, had to formalise the public will by ‘voting’ for the new President. This process usually goes by unnoticed.

Snowflakes had set their heart on this being a turning point. They were convinced that all their loud shouting would make the ‘electors’ present a vote for somebody else. I mean, shouting and wailing always gets them their own way, doesn’t it!

Apparently not.

Hilariously, the ‘electors’ did their job as they were supposed to, yesterday.

Trump is confirmed as the next President of the United States of America.

Get out those ear-plugs and hold up your umbrella, the snowflakes will be going ballistic right about now!