Hazardous chemicals being driven around our streets


I’ve been around a bit, but this white on black triangle with a dead tree in the background and a strange bone looking object in the foreground was new to me.  Was it saying the contents of the container were, well, a desert?

Why would they have put a desert into a container?

Turns out it wasn’t.  Apparently the black on white symbol represented a dead tree, and the bone thing is a fish, a dead fish.  So, it is definitely a hazardous material warning sign.

Whatever is inside the container will obviously cause mass death and destruction. We’re all doomed.

I looked up the sign in my handy book of hazard triangles from around the world.

Heck, it was South African.  And it warned that the container may be packed with something worse than nuclear explosives or radioactive waste.  Yes, it could contain items that would temporarily devastate the environment and threaten the ecological system.  As an example, a water pollutant that would endanger aquatic life.

What are these horrendous items that could potentially spill and change everything?

Apparently, milk, wine, spirits, and other beverages.