Radio Caroline getting ready for Easter

rclogoErm.  It’s good to see more details about the return of Radio Caroline.  I think.

My site watching crawler thingie just pinged up with news that the website had been updated. Excitedly, I took a look.

Ah, not 30 sleeps anymore.  Damn.  However, it’s all happening on Easter Monday instead.  Fittingly, the original Radio Caroline started over Easter 1964, so I guess it makes sense.  Hopefully it’ll be ‘testing’ before Easter, ‘cos it’s such a long time to wait, innit.

Anywho, this new Radio Caroline is all a bit odd.  Case in point, this guy:


This is Captain Vladimir Lagunov.  He appears to be in charge of the spaceship that Radio Caroline will be broadcasting from.  And, in true Radio Caroline tradition, he’s an alcoholic. Erm, allegedly.

Indeed, this whole thing of Radio Caroline broadcasting from a spaceship sounded like a wind-up at first. But, well, as everybody knows, if you repeat it enough times, it all comes absolutely true.

Anyway, it’s all explained in vivid detail on here.