Viva la revolution, goodbye the liberal elite

So, there’s a revolution going on. Another one.

Remember how the late 1960s and early 1970s saw a revolution. After decades of a conservative (with a small ‘c’) elite running the world, there was a revolution. We got ourselves the liberal elite.

hippiesYep, the liberal elite took over and we were told everything would be beautiful. Love and peace, man.

But, more and more we realised that we, the ordinary people were still being ignored, told how to think, chastised for daring to want fair treatment, being forced to wear labels, in a way that would have seriously upset ‘Number Six’ in the village.

The liberal elite like to put people into little boxes. They are more interested in the boxes and forcing people into them, than they are about the individuals. They don’t care about the individuals in the slightest. Indeed, anybody exhibiting ‘individuality’ gets told they aren’t an individual, but are definitely a member of this box, or maybe that box.

The liberal elite also love to call people rude words. Words like ‘deplorables’ fit alongside ‘stupid’, ignorant’, ‘racist’ and any negative insult they can find.

Decades of being shouted down and put in a box, forced to wear labels, fearful of saying, “I am not a number, I am a free man’, and keeping quiet rather than speaking out about how we actually feel, for fear of the obvious ridicule, decade after decade took its toll.

As with any suppression and oppression, the victims finally rose up.

That’s why now we are going through the process of replacing the liberal elite, and why it’s come as a big surprise. People suffering from oppression, tend to not reveal themselves for fear of more of the ridicule and abuse they’ve had to endure. Hence why the polls can’t pick-up on which way folks are going to vote. Only supporters of the liberal elite aren’t afraid to reveal themselves. And they do it loudly and aggressively, too.

There are a few that ‘get it’ and can see what’s been happening and have shoehorned themselves into the revolution. I think Donald Trump and Theresa May ‘get it’. They’ve recently spoken about and directly to those who have been forgotten, those who don’t fit into any of the boxes that get specialist treatment, those who are ignored despite being in large numbers.

That’s why the frightened are returning to what could be termed the conservative elite. And it’s why the liberal elite mainstream media can’t work out what’s going on. They don’t realise their days are numbered!