The murderers disguised as peace lovers

It keeps happening. I keep coming across these very violent lefties. And they are scaring me, forcing me to retreat to my safe space.

Strangely, people who, with one breath are saying all the ‘what the world needs now is love, sweet love’ bullshit, and throwing themselves on the floor wailing about how there should be no more war, but love and peace, man, are revealing their real nature.

hippyIt turns out that they aren’t into love and peace at all. They are now busy openly chatting about how they want to assassinate Donald Trump. They discuss in horrific detail how to do it, or how it needs to be done.

They don’t just want to murder Trump. It turns out they have their eyes on the killing of a lot of our democratically elected politicians over here, too. Yeah, amazingly, anybody they politically disagree with should suffer painful deaths at their hands.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled in on a conversation going on between ISIS fighters. But no, it’s just the true nature of those who preach love and peace, man.