The Scots obviously don’t really want independence

The Scots are strange. Well, around half of them are. Mainly, the racists who hate the English. This is a long standing tradition. They like a good whinge. Whenever I’m in Scotland, which as one of the last remaining Ruiri (Overkings) I have to do on a regular basis in order to collect rent and gratitude (worship) from the soloc (serfs), I do get a good ribbing from the locals.

Those who aren’t scared that I might make them eat peat or drink an entire tarn, will tell me how they want to be free from rule from Westminster. In the same breath they tell me how they feel they must be ruled from Brussels.

This is despite their main desire which is to be a sovereign nation in complete control of its own destiny.

I’m sensing a lot of confusion here.

scotI mean, yes, it makes sense to ‘take back control’ and therefore reject both the UK and the EU. I get that. I can see why a proud and stubborn nation of 5 million folk would want to do that.

Slowly, to that end, the UK has been devolving powers to the Scottish parliament. Indeed, a huge industry has been created full of quangos and politicians and hangers on, in order to use those powers. As more and more gets devolved to Scotland, they are realising that being your own boss is actually hard work, which is why they are in financial turmoil.

But, here’s what’s confusing.  Alongside all the whining about wanting to be their own bosses, they are mysteriously desperate to hang on to being a member of the EU.


The EU is doing the complete opposite to the UK government. It is slowly taking away and transferring powers from all the sovereign nations that are members, and plonking them firmly in Brussels.

The result is that as the UK devolves powers to Scotland, Scotland is holding onto them for a decade or so and then surrendering them up to Brussels.

Why would anybody do that? Why would they want to do that?

I thought the need and desire was for Scottish independence. Not replacing one ‘master’ with another.

Obviously not.