What if Simon Cowell was openly gay?

Of course, I’m not even slightly saying Simon Cowell is gay, after all he has recently been engaged to be married, is constantly seen with different young ladies on his arm, and there are many many rumours about him and female X-Factor judges.

Louis Walsh, on the other hand, doesn’t flaunt it, but if asked will say he is gay.

Cliff Richard, however, lives with a fallen priest, and has always refused to answer the question about whether or not he is gay or in a gay relationship and won’t admit to any ‘sexuality’.

In one way, the sexuality of celebs and who they are having sex with is kind of nothing to do with us mere mortals.  Yet on the other hand they live lives carefully choreographed to give them maximum exposure to us plebs, so part of that certainly includes who they are currently shagging alongside which clubs they have been seen snorting cocaine in, and when they are next in the Priory.

But if a celeb is actually gay, why do some of them pretend they aren’t?  In this country we are fairly neutral these days.  We still love Elton John, go to his gigs, buy his songs, yet he’s gay and proud of it.  He’s in a long-term loving relationship, married (or civil partnered, which until recently was society’s homophobic allowance of gay marriage) with child. Good for him.

Is it the international audience, maybe the far more backward thinking America that will reject an artist because he is gay?  They don’t seem to have rejected Elton John, or have they and he doesn’t give a toss?

Certainly, in this country, the thousands of old women who covet Cliff Richard wouldn’t stop queuing for tickets just because he turned out to be gay.  Would his sales throughout America drop?

So, what about Simon Cowell?  He’s far more famous and much more loved than the President in America.  Would being gay seriously change this?  Maybe that’s what it’s all about for those in the public eye who hide their gayness.  Maybe being gay in public in America is a career killer unless you are a camp singer/musician.  Americans wouldn’t in a million years elect a gay President.  Hmmm.  Or would they?  It wasn’t that long ago that I’d have said they wouldn’t elect a black President.

If Simon Cowell was actually gay, that would mean that his ogling of ladies with big breasts on his various talent shows and his apparent flirting or stepping out with various women would all be part of an over-compensation for his gayness.  It would also mean that his fiancée was really a carefully selected highly paid stooge, and the likes of Sinnita, and all those ladies he is caught on camera with are just fag hags feeling safe and not under threat from any predatory behaviour.  Indeed, it would all point to a very well organised cover-up needing the work of a devious spin doctor or publicist.

Obviously none of that is the case, but if it were a highly elaborate cover-up, why the need to cover up? Would it be through guilt, or feeling that being gay was in some way wrong (like if the celeb in question was highly Christian, with Christianity well known for its rampantly loud homophobia unless it’s a priest committing an act of child abuse with a boy)?

Ok, it could be that it’s because its none of our business.  Fair enough, but in that case everything about their private life should be kept secret, surely?  Not just the gay bit.

It’s just that, well, if more gay people in the public eye were openly gay then it might go some way to making those that are irrationally prejudiced against it more accepting, and reduce the attacks on people purely because of their sexuality.  If somebody with the following of a nation was to be openly gay and show there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, surely that would speed modernisation along.

Just a thought.