How the bees help mankind

So, I’d run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.  It was a winding country lane in the height of summer.  There was no phone signal and no house or farm to be seen for kilometres.

I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to walk for hours to find a petrol station, or at the very least a house from which to call for help.

But, it was a hot day and to give me the strength to face my hike, I sat on the grass and lay out a small picnic.

As I sat there, I became aware that a bee was buzzing around a flower but seemed to be having difficulty getting inside it to collect the nectar.  Instinctively, I leaned over and opened up the flower a little so that he could make his collection.

After he’d taken a good sup, he came over to me and hovered next to my face.  A tiny faint voice said, “Thanks for that, mate.”

Yep, the bee was talking to me.  After initially reacting with shock, we had a conversation.  He asked me what I was doing, and I explained my woe at having run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.

He asked me to take the cap off my petrol tank and he disappeared inside.  A few moments later he came back out and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll sort it for you.” He then flew away.

Only a few minutes passed before he returned along with thousands of other bees.  They swarmed onto my car and each one in turn flew into my petrol tank and then flew away. Eventually they had all gone except the one that could speak.

“There you are, that should easily get you as far as the next petrol station,” he said to me.

I was extremely puzzled but thanked him. I turned the ignition and sure enough the engine started running.

“What did you all put in the tank?” I asked somewhat overjoyed.

The only thing we had available,” he replied, “Bee Pee”.


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