Stop teaching our children those lies

Do our children stand a chance to grow up without feeling stressed and depressed?

I think there’s a misguided perception that childhood is a cotton-wool protected cosy time. Then, when children get to an age when they adopt a life of crime – ranging from kidnapping and torturing toddlers to death, through to finding humour in hurting old ladies who can hardly walk, or stealing in order to feed their skunk habit – we look at what they are doing as if it is a big surprise.

The reality is that the number of children behaving antisocially is for some reason (which can only be luck) not as high as it could be.

One god-botherer who finally accepted child abuse is bad

Modern day children are not really given a fair start in life.  A lot of them, from the baby stage, are forced to believe in the god and religious structure their parents have believed since their parents forced it into them.

When a child is trying to work out what makes sense and to understand the logic of what is around them, their parents wade in with the god mumbo-jumbo.  None of it makes sense of course, and the fresh brain that the parents have injected this virus into gives up trying to make sense of it and submits to its madness, just as the child will later submit to the sexual abuse and genital mutilation it gets from the locals in charge of the religion.

The child knows inside that it’s wrong, but can’t do a thing about it.  There is no escape.

As the child gets older, the parents start on it with the Father Christmas hoax.  More enlightened parents will enjoy the Father Christmas story with their children and make it as alive as any other child-based fairy story, but the majority will cruelly insist that its true.  A child is looking to its parents for guidance and it gives up its trust to them.  In return, the lie of Santa Claus is perpetuated.

The only thing slightly crueller than the original lie is that the child normally discovers at Christmas time (not at a less significant time) that the Father Christmas story is a lie.  Having had its reality shaken by this cruel trick, the parents will then laugh at the child for being so gullible in the first place and tell them to grow up and stop being so upset. Yet they are the ones that provided this mental cruelty in the first place!

School is the next place full of lies and propaganda. The curriculum is full of teaching such things as the man-made Global Warming hoax as if it is a fact. They are forced to watch wildly inaccurate movies about it too, complete with graphic representation of their pet dog being drowned.

From an early age our children are taught there’s no hope, there’s no future, we’re all doomed and it’s all their fault and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

This deliberate desensitising is to make the child finally give up.  It becomes disruptive and disinterested, seeing no point in anything, and so it’s then fodder for the pushers of drugs to help them get away from all the doom and gloom and guilt they feel because of the lies that have been drip fed into its poor confused mind since the year dot.

By teen age, the child’s head is fucked.  The child is easily stressed and distressed, very unhappy and confused.  It’s alive but it’s been told there is no life.

Hey, you; Why on earth did you do this to your child?  Was it because the abused became the abuser?