Time to kill the scrambler bike riders

There’s an industry in Liverpool, a very profitable one. Liverpool has one of the biggest drug dealing industries in the UK. This is because of the phenomenally high demand compared to other parts of the country. Where once alcoholism was the curse, most people in Liverpool are drug addicts. With the teens and early 20s, it is near 100%.

With young minds constantly confused by smoking skunk or harder, there is no knowing what is right and what is wrong. And they need more and more thrills in order to supplement their confusion. Result, anti-social behaviour.

bikescumWhen the spate of setting fire to empty houses came to an end, due to there being no more empty houses, they fell into the current habit of riding stolen quad and scrambler bikes all over the place. These, to be clear are not road-legal. And they don’t bother riding them on the road properly. Wearing scarves over their faces, but no helmets, they’ll ride into oncoming traffic, or, as a mob, pick on and intimidate ordinary car, bus and van drivers kicking at their vehicles, or ride at women with buggies on the pavement. Apparently it’s all funny.

Drug fuelled, they’ll show off to each other as they do wheelies in front of police cars, because they know the police have been instructed not to chase them. The police are not allowed to chase or follow them in case the poor things have an accident directly ‘caused’ by the pursuit. All they can do is sit there whilst the scum openly mock them.

From time to time there have been very bad collisions, resulting in innocent people being hurt. Luckily no innocent victims have died. Yet. Sadly, only a few of the scallies on the bikes have been killed. Usually, they are hurt, and end up costing us a fortune taking up valuable hospital spaces and resources that could be used by worthy members of the human race rather than this scum.

It is very sad that these skunk heads are allowed to get away with all this terrorism. I mean, if it was up to me, I’d issue the police with guns and allow them to shoot dead any of them refusing to stop and get off their, usually stolen, bikes when ordered to do so.

When one of them died after slamming into the side of an oncoming car, local social media was full of posts about what a lovely lad he was, and how he was only having fun, so why were people daring to criticise him? Yep, the Jeremy Kyle fodder parents have no objection to any of this. To them, the ‘kids’ are doing nothing wrong. Twats. They just don’t get it.

So, whilst this dangerous anti-social craze is continuing, I’m hoping for plenty more deaths. These ‘riders’ really need to die. The more that die, the less there will be on the road attempting to kill or maim others. The more that die painful deaths without harming anybody else, the more the normal people will be safer again.

Death to these stolen scrambler bike riders!

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  1. Christopher, most of what you have said would be agreeable to the a large proportion of the Merseyside people regarding these single cell life forms, however to say every/most young person or youths are doin skunk/drugs is really unfair and not true.
    The opinion you give would be much better recieved if you didnt brand everyone as drunken drug addled potheads, other than that most of your comments are fair.


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