Gimmie the choice to not buy The Sun

Why am I not allowed to chose to not buy The Sun?

You see, I want to not buy The Sun. I can’t actually remember a time when I’ve ever actually bought it. The only paper I bought for a while many decades ago was the then called London Evening Standard. Then I entered a phase which persists to this day of not buying any paper. I chose not to buy the Evening Standard. And, relevantly, I chose not to buy The Sun.

Then I came to Liverpool, a place full of bullies and people who simply do not believe in reconciliation. Ever.

Liverpool is a bit like London with a local paper and all but one of the national papers. I chose not to buy any of these papers.

Except, I’m not allowed to chose to not buy The Sun.

The reason for this is that systematically the newsagents, supermarkets and other outlets are being bullied into not stocking The Sun in the first place.

The reason for the hatred of The Sun is multi-fold, and was initially completely justified. On the surface, and the biggest and most justified reason is that it wrote awful, cruel, damaging and hurtful lies about the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

0a8cf-cesunlogoAlmost immediately, the whole of Liverpool, as if with one thought, stopped buying The Sun.

As the years progressed, newsagents still stocking it caught fire or were subjected to intimidating behaviour, so would try not to stock it for fear of harm coming to them or their children.

However, bigger retail outlets in more recent times started to re-stock it. Then we got to the point where all the campaigning relating to the Disaster finally came to a head with an Inquest result completely vindicating the fans. This left the bullies with nothing left to scream, shout and campaign about. So, they turned their anger to those who dared sell The Sun.

Major supermarkets found themselves being leaned on. An endorsement of the campaign to remove The Sun from the entire Merseyside area was given by local politicians, and of course the local paper. The local paper being owned by the Mirror Group, who see The Sun as a national rival to their Daily Mirror, were able to give publicity to the bullies without the bullies understanding their real reason.

A secondary reason for the continued attacks on The Sun, apart from the fact that the bullies haven’t much else to do and target now, is the association it has with Rupert Murdoch.

The bullies hate Murdoch, calling him a ‘Zionist’, and, from the heavier drug users amongst them, a ‘lizard’ controlling the world. Yes, the bullies are always violent left wing Corbynistas.

Anyway, the bottom line is that it is getting impossible for anybody to buy The Sun in Merseyside. Fearful of attack, Sun readers commuting to Liverpool will always leave their copies on the trains, avoiding the terrifying consequences of being caught by one of the bullies.

I don’t know how long this campaign will last. Rather than allowing healing, the bullies much prefer open wounds. Hey, they are bullies after all, and that’s what bullies do.

It might be a hundred years before I will be allowed to chose to not buy The Sun. But, I wish I was allowed the choice, instead of these bullies telling me what to do. They started with The Sun. What will they ban next?

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