Made in Liverpool

So, once upon a time in Liverpool, there was a local TV station.

It had the non-Scouse name of ‘Bay TV’.  Apart from low budget bought in programming like, well, wrestling with wrestlers that nobody had ever heard of, ‘Bay TV’ would run tedious local unsigned bands and artists and panel discussion programmes from the world’s most boring Liverpudlians pretending they are poets.

madeinliverpool‘Bay TV’ was available only on Freeview in the Liverpoolish area.  Hence why nobody bothered watching it. And hence why it went bust.

‘Bay TV (Liverpool)’ was taken over by the ‘local’ TV providers operating in many different areas with the ‘Made in…’ name.  In the case of the provision for the Liverpool area, it’s now ‘Made in Liverpool’.

‘Made in Liverpool’ seems to be as boring, tedious and irrelevant as ‘Bay TV’ was.  And not much different.

These ‘City’ TV stations were super-funded at start-up using various ‘grants’ so that they had no obligation to actually think about making or commissioning viable programming.  Then, after the initial money had been burnt up completely, leaving them to generate their own revenue, that’s when they went splat.

Oh well, we’ll see how long this lasts, innit.  I don’t think a lot of it is actually ‘Made in Liverpool’.