An article a day keeps the money away

It’s a funny thing, but writing stuff for this place goes through a cycle.

brightSometimes it’s dead easy and I have loads of bits all pre-written and scheduled to explode out to an eager and waiting audience. At other times I can’t even find the strength to come anywhere near!

The latter state seems to coincide with periods when I am also writing other things for other places. As in, writing documents relating to work, especially when it’s about money.  (Money. Mmmmmm.) Which is what I’ve been doing.

But, now, having secured £2.3 Million in order to function for another year, I hope to once again get going with this fine place and to entertain you with a series of revelations and exclusive predictions that will amaze you. Or, more likely, not.

My original intention was to produce one article a day. So, that’s what I’ll try to achieve until the the next distraction.

Anyway, thanks for being there, innit.