The UK takes in ‘child’ migrants

So, ‘children’ are being rounded up in the disgusting Calais camp called ‘the Jungle’, ready to be brought into the UK.  But, all is never what it seems, of course.

child2The jokes on us, of course, since we left it to mad ‘charities’ full of lefties with bizarre agendas, to pick the children they wanted to wave through to the UK.  They waved through young men.

child3Yes, we thought ‘unaccompanied children’ meant bewildered and frighten 6, 7, 8, 9, or even 10 year olds. But no, one of the ‘children’ has been aged at 38 according to recognition software.  How is this happening?  Where the feck are the children?

By the way, why aren’t they letting in Syrians? A whole load of random others are coming in, and most without any confirmation of family already in the UK.  Maybe we should be sending more aid.