The cartoon that offended but caused no deaths

With almost no exceptions, the religion virus makes those infected by it aggressive and dangerous.  In a similar way to the addiction to crack cocaine, cigarettes, or, well, anything, the addicts will fight anybody daring to challenge or question their addition.

By far the strongest religion virus functioning at the moment is the Islamic one.  It is forced into the minds of the new born by parents, much as the ideology of non-consensual female genital mutilation or male circumcision, and it is passed down from generation to generation.  And, it is lethal.

Any attempt to ask those under the influence to explain the childish and irrational illogical aspects of it are rebuffed with anger and death threats.

And, of course, ridicule is unacceptable, punishable by death.

Actually, there’s not an awful lot that isn’t punishable by death when it comes to the Islamic virus, is there?

The Christian virus used to be as bad.  In more recent centuries the Christian virus has become weaker, and so anybody laughing and pointing at its stupidity might get angry responses, but not instant death.

When Charles Darwin put forward his theory about the evolution of the species, he, of course, was attacked by those consumed by the religion virus.

Those who had and have freed themselves from the religion virus are, of course, no longer violent, and are mainly peace loving.  The common all garden atheist just laughs at ridicule, rather than seeking the death of those that ridicule.

Hence why not a single militant atheist spilled a single drop of blood over this inflammatory cartoon of Charles Darwin.