Haters gonna hate Theresa May

So, Corbynistas and those (normally Remoaners) who are against this government (even though both it and its leader are receiving the highest approval ratings in decades), make snarling commentary about Prime Minister Theresa May.

Desperate to undermine her they will immediately whinge about the fact that Mrs May was not elected into her leadership position by the public.  By this, they mean that she wasn’t the leader of the Conservative Party at the last General Election (It was some bloke called David Cameron).

mayshoesWhat is wrong with these mad people?

Erm, hello?  What leader of what major party was leader during the 2015 election?

None of ’em.

Was Jeremy Corbyn the leader of Labour at the General Election?  Nope.

Or even, was Tim Farron the leader of the Liberal Democrats?  Nope.

Are these mad people suggesting that whenever a political party changes its leader there should be a General Election?

Imagine if there had been a General Election after Jeremy Corbyn was reappointed as leader of the Labour Party by Momentum.  Heck, the Labour Party is so hated by ordinary people that they’d have ended up having as many MPs as the Liberal Democrats!  Crazy people.