Time for the Remoaners to leave the UK

There are a few things that aggravate me about ‘Brexit’.

Well, not a few things, as such, because the aggravation comes from just one source – Remoaners.

Remoaners are those who refuse to accept the will of the majority of those voting, who voted to leave the European Union. Remoaners are bad losers.

Oh, by the way, let’s congratulate the EU for making it to the 22nd consecutive year that their auditors have been unable to accept and publish their accounts. This year the reason is that the EU’s accounts are “materially affected by error”. Pretty much like previous years, really. Why the heck would anybody want to be part of a club that doesn’t publish accounts? Can’t publish accounts. The EU is such a gravy train that nobody really makes a fuss about this unaccountability. But, I digress.

So, the majority of those bothering to vote decided that they wanted the UK to get out of the EU.

That included me.

Within days of the result being a resounding victory for let’s get the hell out of this mad expensive rich-man’s club, I got told I was racist.

Yeah, they told me I’d voted to leave because I was racist. I was stupid. I was xenophobic. I was, well, anything but making an informed choice.

remoanersThe aggressive Remoaners had started their bullying. Bullying that just won’t stop. Bullying that seems to be getting more and more aggressive towards those who dared to have a different opinion to theirs.

I turn on the radio and the chat shows are full of sneering leftie presenters like James O’Brien and now Nick Abbot, constantly talking ‘Brexiters’ down. They slag us off as a given, and try to humiliate or demean us during show after show. Their favourite phrase seems to be “I told you so”. The slightest jitters of currency markets, “I told you so”. The sudden unavailability of Marmite, “I told you so”. It’s non stop doom gloom and “I told you so”.

Naturally of course, they ignore the positives, mainly because they are kinda suffering from confirmation bias and cognitive dissidence. They end up being like the worst condescending bitch of a mother-in-law.

You know the one I mean, the mother-in-law that hates you. You are never good enough for her darling daughter. When you were to marry she looked down her nose and said the immortal words, “Oh but darling, you are only a bus driver”. Everything you subsequently did was either wrong in her eyes and so gets loudly tut-tutted about and constantly brought up and talked about, or if it was good gets ignored and never spoken of again. She lives in denial of your marriage and constantly tells your wife that she could have done so much better. Years later when you divorce due to your wife’s serial infidelity, she’s the mother-in-law who says, “I knew it wouldn’t last, he wasn’t good enough for you my dear”.

Remoaners are like the mother-in-laws from hell, bitching at any opportunity, constantly living for gloom and doom. Terrified that Brexiters might actually be the ones who were right.

So, the leftie talk show hosts are full of this evil mother-in-lawness. Leftie media luvvies are so out of touch with reality that they really can’t see anything but anger at not getting their own way. It is all outside of their scope of comprehension.

The BBC is also full of these lefties, putting their confirmation bias over and over again onto any news story they file.

I just wish the Remoaners would shut the fuck up. Yes, there will be blips and inflation will return slightly, but so what? Stop running around as if the sky has fallen. It hasn’t. Stop being in denial. Embrace the future, or at least stop the annoying running doom and gloom commentary along with the various tactics designed to derail the decision taken by the majority of those voting.

Remoaners need to grow up and behave like they are part of this country, or move to another.