EU infatuation getting in the way

When it came to voting on whether or not the United Kingdom wanted to stay as a member of the EU, 46 million of our population of over 65 million were eligible/registered to vote.

I’m not quite sure why 19 million were not eligible.

Maybe the number includes people under the age of 18, plus those who were for some reason not allowed to vote, or for some reason had chosen not to register to vote. But, the total eligible to vote was 46 million.

Of these, only 16 million voted to stay in the EU.

expatsIn other words, on June 23rd, 30 million folk in the UK did NOT vote to stay in the European Union. 30 million is a fantastic figure, and a definite message to the powers that be. Over 65% of the eligible voting population sending a resounding instruction, LEAVE THE EU!

Heck, only 16 million voted to remain!

And yet there are small cliques of Remoaners who want to put anything in the way of us leaving the EU. I guess it’s because they are undemocratic sore losers, and can’t accept the will of the majority of the people.

Which, I guess, explains why they are so infatuated with the undemocratic EU.

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