Lego declares war

One of the perils of living in a house with children in it is that the carpet or hard floor is never clear. Ok, it’s not just a house with children. A house without actual children, but an untidy grown-up is just as bad. But, a house with children guarantees the use of the legendary Lego ‘bricks’.

Lego.  Sworn enemies of the human foot.

Lego pieces hide, especially in carpet, waiting for the precise moment to attack. They have been taught our most vulnerable points on the soles of our feet. The foot is considered the, er, ‘Achilles Heel’ in human beings, and Lego pieces are fully trained on how to cause extreme pain instantly.

While you sleep, they are being trained on how to maim and disable. They know that humans are at their most vulnerable when they are half asleep, like when getting out of bed and shuffling to the bathroom for a wee, or going downstairs for a drink. These are the times the Lego pieces are primed and ready to maim.

It’s time they were sent back to Legoland!


Categories: Behaviour


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