Remoaners need to stop crying

For more than two months they’ve been whinging and moaning. I’m talking about the ‘Remoaners’.

Yes, they continue to toll bells and shuffle with depressed looks on their faces, waiting for the world to end. Remoaners are clutching at anything that might signify that the sky is falling. Even though there’s nothing.

Remoaners just can’t accept that the majority of the voting public voted to leave the European Union. To them it doesn’t compute. How dare the majority have a different opinion to theirs.

notbritishThey are now shouting and stropping at ‘Brexiters’ at any moment they can. I have read very strange social media missives ranging from saying they will refuse to give up seats to older generations (after a survey suggested a larger proportion of older people voted Brexit, compared to the larger proportion of Millennials voting to Remain), through to them quite genuinely wishing Brexiters a slow and painful death. Really! That’s how awful these people are!

They refuse to be ‘British’ now, too.  Crazy hatred of their own country abounds in their twisted minds.

Hilariously, after all the initial indicators showed that the United Kingdom was trotting along quite fine, and that the ground had not opened up to swallow us all, some Remoaners started publicly hoping for such events. They want the United Kingdom to fail. This seems to be how much the Remoaners hate this country.

Where’s the pride in being British, the ‘Dunkirk spirit’? The Remoaners are in a permanent state of misery. Instead of saying ‘Hey Ho’, accepting that the majority vote was for Brexit, and then mucking in to make the best of it, they are determined to work against the UK in any way they can.

Remoaners surround themselves with social media feeds of carefully written doom and gloom prophecies. They refuse to read or watch anything that tells a different narrative to the permanent Armageddon they are hoping they can see hints of from their ‘safe space’.

Remoaners will generally wail about how Brexit voters have stolen their future. Well, when they are not busy chasing Pokemon, of course, hoping for a huge collection of imaginary friends.

Remoaners are like the funny little people standing with big placards proclaiming ‘The End is Nigh’, or the sad and irritating lot completely inappropriately saying ‘God Hates Fags’ at military funerals. These snowflakes have no idea how wrong their wailing is. How destructive it is, at a time when we should be pulling together with pride. Look at how proud we were with all the medals we won at the Olympics!

Oh no, of course, Remoaners will have hated us doing so well. They want us to fail.

Is it not time to round up these Remoaners because they are working against the future of the UK. We should deport them to a country more in keeping with their wishes and needs. A country where the will of the majority of the population is ignored. Or, at the very least, put them away for treason, since they are working against the interests of the Queen in an obvious attempt to destabilise this great country of hers!