Keep the burqa out of banks

In these modern times it is extremely important for lefties to scream and shout “La la la la la” with their fingers in their ears, or repeatedly yell with fingers pointed and veins in their necks sticking out and pulsing, “Racist scum, kill him”. They do this at anybody with a right of Stalin world view. So, it was hard to hear a very valid point being made by an Australian activist from the United Patriots Front.

What Dennis Huts did was relatively simple. And it showed up a lot of the inconsistencies in the way we treat those hiding their identity.

burqatest.jpgHe went into a bank three times. The first time, his face was obscured by a motorbike crash helmet. He got about a metre inside the bank, less than 10 seconds, and he was challenged. He was told to leave and he could come back when he had removed his helmet.

The second time, rather bizarrely, he entered the bank dressed in a full body comedy dog outfit. No part of him was exposed. Again he was immediately challenged and effectively thrown out of the bank.

The final time he entered the bank he was wearing a full Islamic burqa. His eyes were barely visible, less so than when wearing the helmet. This time he was unchallenged. He wandered from queue to queue, even speaking to one employee to ask where to make a deposit.

Any normal person who has been confronted by a person (we shouldn’t assume it’s a woman) in a full body burqa will know how terrifying it is, especially when worn by women who are forbidden to talk to non-Muslim men, and so there’s that strange uncanny silence.

However, the point being made was that if you want to rob a bank, dress in a burqa. Under the shapeless garment it would be dead easy to carry a large gun or machete, plus, most importantly, your identity is completely concealed.

So, why are burqa wearers allowed to, well almost, get away with murder? A year before this particular experiment, a previous experiment included a character dressed in a full white KKK outfit. As you might expect, he was asked to leave the bank. Not so the person wearing the burqa that time either!

It seems that fear of Islam means that we just accept them concealing their identity, whilst nobody else is allowed to. Surely this is discrimination? There is nothing wrong with the hijab, which covers the head, well, primarily the hair, but allows the face to be seen, so why not ban the burqa for security reasons, insisting on the revelation of the face?

The trouble is that we are all too scared. We would rather just allow this racial or religious privilege than try to deal with the identical potential threat that could (and will) be hidden behind a burqa, as is hidden behind a helmet or a mask. Identifying a person’s face for security and protection must be far more important than fearing upsetting them. It’s time this country grew a pair, innit.


  1. Christopher, Dennis Huts is a well known Neo Nazi (google him) He would create a good story to make it fit his beliefs. I would not trust him as far as I could throw him, unless he had video evidence of the above incident, treat his stories with a pinch of salt. Peanut (Salted)


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