The story of Christianity

cloudgodThere are many religions, of course, but in the UK, Christianity, whilst slowly dying in favour of Islam, is the one currently embedded into the country’s DNA.  So, I thought I’d have a quick look at what Christianity is all about and how it evolved.

Man.  It’s as bonkers as any other religion.  Especially the back-story.  Here’s the main bits:-

1) God just exists – forever, for no reason.

2) God decides to create stuff after existing literally forever.

3) God touches off the Big Bang, does nothing else for 10 billion years.

4) God creates Earth; again does nothing else for 4 billion years.

5) God creates dinosaurs…

6) God kills dinosaurs.

7) God creates mankind, in ‘his image’.

8) God meddles wildly and aggressively in the affairs of humans in a small part of the entire Earth for about 1,500 years, including giving one tribal society rules to live by and helping them defeat their enemies.

9) God later comes back to Earth in human form to preach for 33 years before dying a bloody death meant to to serve as atonement for the flaws in all humans (which he created).

10) God ceases all manifestations and direct contact with humanity for the next 2,000 years, leaving us with only an arbitrarily cobbled-together collection of metaphorical and contradictory revelations as our instructions for achieving eternal bliss.


Seems Legit