Reading a book can kill you

Pictorial proof that books are dangerous. Bloody Dangerous.

See, pulling one out of a bookcase is like pulling a plug out of a dyke.


Ok, that doesn’t sound right.  Maybe, it’s more like pulling a brick out of the wall of a dam. Anyway, it’s bloody dangerous.  Bloody dangerous.


You see, a book is an isolated collection of sentences put together by some lonely idiot sitting at a keyboard.  The sentences are just that one person’s opinions.  There is no legal requirement for anything they write to be based in fact.  A book, even one supposedly telling a factual account of an event or person, has no restriction on how much fantasy can be woven into the sentences.

Those who wish to stay pure keep away from books. Books poison the mind.  They are a floodgate to bad ideas and faulty understanding. Bloody dangerous.