Why no newspapers reviewing TV news?

papersTV stations. Radio stations.  They spend ages with talking head ‘guests’ coming in to ‘review’ the day’s newspapers.

The ‘newspaper review’ seems to be important. BBC News and Sky News allocate full half-hour blocks to ‘newspaper reviews’.


The most odd thing about this is that far more people are consuming the broadcast media than bother to buy and consume print media.

Equally, why are there no reviews within newspapers of what’s been broadcast on the TV and radio news services?  Why is it all one-way?

Shouldn’t the minority news print be in ore of and review what’s on TV and radio news?

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  1. Interesting. When I worked at a major market tv station here in the states the newsroom would be at a standstill until the early morning “Bulldog Edition” papers were delivered. They didn’t dare lead with any news that wasn’t featured in the newspapers.


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