Why can’t Millennials understand logic?

I have spent my life on the internet being attacked by mental baby-boomers, well, baby-boomer radio anoraks, who think it’s cool to hide behind multiple identities and false names, in order to never engage in actual debate or discussion, but only in attacks and threats. Baby-Boomers were particularly evil in their aggression. Well, they come from an era within which punching people rather than discussing was a way of life. An era full of envy and hate, strikes and screaming in the streets about how s’not fair.

In contrast, the next generation, Generation X, didn’t seem to be as violent as the baby-boomers. Maybe they were a bit angry in their music, but laid back in other respects. Well, they were growing up during the extremely happy times of Thatcherism and a further boom!

Sadly, Generation X gave way to Generation Y, or as they are more commonly known, the ‘Millennials’.

Millennials are pure evil. They are angrier and more aggressive than the baby-boomers. They do all that hiding behind false names whilst threatening rape, murder, deselection, or all forms of aggression against any who dare disagree with them. Look at how Millennials bullied (and are still bullying) those who dared vote for Brexit!

There seems to be a connection, an adoration, an unconditional surrender of the brain between aggressive Millennials and aggressive baby-boomers. This is why Jeremy Corbyn (a baby-boomer) is surrounded by Millennial groupies today. Millennial groupies that refuse to accept anything beyond their single ideology, and will hurt those who disagree with them.

They will shout their beliefs like any other religious group that refuses to accept any other perspective but their own. If Millennial groupies thought they’d get away with it, they’d kill in the name of Corbyn.

But until that day comes they are happy using social media to ‘rubbish’ those they disagree with. It is for them that I publish a quick guide to having a discussion. Maybe just maybe they’ll try to understand the rules of logical debate and discussion…