And so it begins


This picture to me epitomises the Great Britain versus the European Union ‘fight’.  Or referendum.

What you see is the tiny British trawler, currently struggling to make a living after decades of traditional family North Sea fishing.

You can also see a big luxury fat cats’ boat, dwarfing the tiny fishing boat.  On board it are multi-millionaires like Bob Geldof and their very drunken friends.

The little fishing boat was part of a flotilla of fishing boats chugging up the Thames in order to protest about how their industry was being destroyed by the EU no longer allowing them to properly fish in the waters around the UK.

Instead of being allowed to graciously make their point, along came the champagne swilling oiks with a massive public address system in order to shout at them and deride and debase and drown out their small protest.  Indeed, the Irish bully Geldof thought it would be funny to make rude masturbation and V-sign gestures at them.

So, the picture shows the tiny British fishing boat proudly trying to protest back with its water hose, using the spirit and the guts that the British tried to show during the Second World War.

Yes, nothing the little boat could do would really make any difference to the bullying millionaires, but it shows the spirit of never giving up despite being out-gunned and out-numbered.

That’s what puts the great in Great Britain.