Why was the referendum presented broken down into regions?

The majority of those who could be bothered to vote, which was a nice 72%, decided that we in the UK should leave the European Union. I’m fine with that, but I have a few concerns about the aftermath in Britain.

My concerns are about the violent strops and wailing reaction from those who ‘lost’ the referendum. There are petitions asking for a second referendum.  Eh?  What?  We keep re-voting until you get the result you want?  There are complaints about the fact that old people swayed it. There are complaints that the out vote doesn’t apply to Scotland. Or London. There’s screaming and shouting that those who voted to Leave are xenophobic, little Englanders, racists, bla bla bla. It’s got so very nasty. It’s going to get nastier. And violent. Sadly, that is the way nowadays.


Two things have caused this.

Firstly, I see absolutely no reason why the results have been so publicly been broken down into regions. This has dangerously stoked the fire.

exitTo me, this was a national poll on a national matter, with a majority vote calling it. It was never local or regional. When there are elections there are 650ish people picked locally from those standing hoping to be voted in to represent each of the 650ish areas, or constituencies. The vote is for the local MP, not for the national result.

In the case of ‘Brexit’ there was just one single constituency, the whole of the UK. So, why was it broken down into 382 different constituencies and media allowed to go on and on and on about it?

Ok, it would have made for very boring telly if there was nothing to prattle on about until the result of the final count was suddenly announced. But, it makes no sense beyond academic analysis to keep bitching about how this geographical area voted Remain and that geographical area voted Leave.  It’s almost as if the BBC, secretly funded by £2 Million from the EU in the run-up to the referendum, has some kind of agenda!

Anyway. It was never about 382 areas voting locally and then the result being formulated on the ‘best of’ those 382 areas. You know, like when the party politics of elections are totted up and decide whether it’s Tories or Labour in charge. No, this time it was simply about the total number of votes cast. How many votes were cast in a specific local area was irrelevant. The only area that mattered was the entire UK.

However, by breaking it down to smaller electoral areas those who ‘lost’ were provided with fuel to moan and complain with. The ‘majority’ of Scotland voted to Remain, which for the whingers fuels their desire to Leave the UK. Their desire was already there. This was just another opportunity for them to fire up their nationalism and xenophobia again.

Scotland will have its independence, good for them, although the devil will be in the detail, and that’s for the future. But why was it relevant to publish a breakdown of the Scottish vote in a UK wide issue?

Why was it relevant to initially publish the breakdown of the vote in any way? It really had no importance in the bigger picture of a single national referendum. It was a simple case of voting across all of the UK, and all that was needed was that single final figure. It was never that one ‘side’ had to reach, say, 60%, 70%, 80% of the vote. It was simply whichever ‘side’ got the most votes. Even one vote difference would have provided us with a winner.

Secondly, when people have been outvoted, these days the agitators wind them up to not accept defeat. They will start all manner of conspiracy theories and “S’not fairs” with a host of irrelevant reasons for throwing toys out of the pram.

Once upon a time the losing ‘side’ would shake hands with the winning ‘side’ and accept the voice of the people. Now the voice of the people is not good enough. The losing side can never accept defeat. They want re-runs, changes in the rules, anything, until they get the result they want. These days they are spoilt brats, never gracious in defeat, but bleating and bullying until they get their way.

We are now suffering a stream of abuse and accusations from the losers. Those who voted to Leave are racists. They are old people out of touch. They have broken and destroyed everything for the younger people. The future has been destroyed. We are all doomed. And so on.

Maybe the whingers will soon learn to accept the majority decision. To be fair that’s a big ask, 16 Million people didn’t get what they voted for. With any ‘close’ result to a vote, there are always a huge number of disappointed people. In many way it would have been far better for the winners (whichever ‘side’ they were) to have won by, say, 70% or more of the vote. The number of those feeling disenfranchised would have been far smaller. However, to have made a requirement of a minimum target of, say, 60% of the vote to be reached would have unfairly skewed the vote to the Remain side. It had to be the way it was.

Division is unhealthy and only helps those who want to divide society, any society, further. It’s a shame that as a country we weren’t more in agreement one way or the other. However we weren’t.

But it’s time to move forward together.