Missing Persons Ambassador

motherAnd 100 questions that have been asked over and over again:

01. Did they use the babysitting service provided? NO
02. Did they use any listening devices? NO
03. Did they leave three children under 4 alone while going out drinking? YES
04. Did they do this every night? YES
05. Did they, under British law, endanger Maddie? YES
06. In the UK is significant harm a form of child abuse? YES
07. Is significant harm used by the UK courts in child abuse cases? YES
08. Does leaving the children as they did qualify under these rules ? YES
09. Did Kate sit writing timelines instead of searching for Maddie? YES
10. Are the frequent checks by the Tapas group challenged by other witnesses? YES
11. Was the bedroom withing sight of where they sat? NO
12, Were they within earshot? NO
13. Did anyone other than Tanner see any abductor? NO
14. Has anyone come up with a credible abductor? NO
15. Is there any evidence of an abduction? NO
16. Were the shutters in the room tampered with? NO
17. Did Kate say the shutters were tampered with? YES
18. Did Kate change her story to saying the door was unlocked? YES
19. Was the door unlocked on any other night? NO
20. Is there any physical evidence at all of a break in? NO
21. Is there any physical evidence of another party being in the room? NO
23. Were the McCann’s told not to inform the media? YES
24. Were they told it might harm the chances of finding Maddie alive? YES
25. Were the media informed by a McCann family member? YES
26. Were specially trained British dogs brought in to search the apartment ? YES
27. Did they find anything? YES
28. Have these dogs been successful in over 200 cases? YES
29. Do sniffer dogs lie? NO
30. Do the specially trained dogs get confused by other smells? NO
31. Did they find cadaver (dead body) scent in the apartment? YES
32. Did they find blood? YES
33. Did they find cadaver scent behind the sofa? YES
34. On the child’s toy? YES
35. In a cupboard in the room? YES
36. Did they find cadaver scent on Kate’s clothes? YES
37. Did Kate explain this by saying she had examined dead bodies before holiday? YES
38. Is there any record of her doing so? NO
39. Has anyone come forward to say they saw her doing so? NO
40. Was the hire car rented after Maddie disappeared ? YES
41. Were tests done on DNA found in the car? YES
42. Did the dogs alert to the hire car? YES
43. Is it a billion to one odds that it may be someone else’s DNA? YES
44. Were the doors and boot left open to get rid of the smell in the car? YES
45. Did the parents explain it away as rotting meat? YES
46. Smelling due to taking rubbish to the tip in the hire car? YES
47. Smelling due to dirty nappies in the hire car? YES
48. Smell due to sea bass in the hire car? YES
49. Did the parents say the dogs were wrong? YES
50. Do you need tons of excuses if the dogs are just plain wrong? NO
51. Have the dogs ever been wrong? NO
52. Did Kate & Gerry flee Portugal? YES
53. Did they hire extradition lawyers? YES
54. Did the McCann’s hire libel lawyers to gag anyone with a different view? YES
55. Did the government lend spin doctor Clarence Mitchell to the parents? YES
56. Dio spin doctors twist the truth for a favourable outcome? YES
57. Are they paid to do this? YES
58. Did the McCann’s set up a fund in order to search for Maddie? YES
59. Did they use the money donated for anything other than searching? YES
60. Do the parents have a media monitoring unit? YES
61. Are there internet trolls helping the parents to quash getting at the truth? YES
62. Have the Portuguese police been portrayed as incompetent? YES
63. Did they look at all aspects of the case? YES
64. Did they conclude any abduction took place? NO
65. Did they conclude that Maddie was dead and the parents responsible? YES
66. Are there two British investigations into Maddie being missing? YES
67. Are they investigating ALL aspects of the case? NO
68. Have they been told by the government to focus on abduction only? YES
69. Have they come up with any evidence of an abduction? NO
70. Have they come up with any credible suspects? NO
71. Have they questioned the tapas group or parents over the case? NO
72. Have the parents made millions from Maddie being missing? YES
73. Did Kate write a book mentioning torn genitalia that the twins might read? YES
74. Did Gerry have his wallet stolen at Waterloo station as he claimed? NO
75. Does the CCTV footage from that day bear out his claims? NO
76. Did the Portuguese police ask British government for medical records? YES
77. Were they handed over? NO
78. Did they ask for bank statements? YES
79. Were they handed over ? NO
80. Did they ask for mobile phone records? YES
81. Were they handed over? NO
82. Have the media printed the McCann version of events? YES
83. Are the media intimidated by threats of libel? YES
84. Have the parents admitted they are responsible for Maddie’s disappearance? NO
85. Have the parents faced any criminal charges to date? NO
86. No charges for manslaughter? NO
87. For neglect? NO
88. Did the McCann’s say they would take a polygraph(lie detector test) ? YES
89. Did the McCann “people” contact Don Cargill head of polygraph studies?YES
90. Did the McCann’s tell the world they would take one to prove innocence? YES
91. Have they taken one in the 2,000+ days since saying they would? NO
92. Did the parents impose a list of conditions for taking one? YES
93. Did Don Cargill say the list was “impossible to satisfy”? YES
94. Did Don Cargill state “They had no intention of taking one”? YES
95. Did Clarence Mitchell say they were innocent and did not need to do one? YES
96. IS Amaral on trial because he wrote a book stating the facts of the case? YES
97. Is it a proper account of the police investigation ? YES
98. Have the McCann’s fought desperately to have this book banned? YES
99. Is it banned? NO
100 Is Maddie missing because of the actions of the parents? YES