Tax avoidance versus Tax Evasion


As we know, left leaning social meeja users are all mainly stupid.  Well, ignorant.  You know the types. They are at their best fighting with each other on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Sadly, they are usually so uninformed that they are the mob that will surround and kick to death a paediatrician thinking the word means paedophile.

Yes, they are at it again. This time it’s about tax. Underlying their anger is the fact that they are taught by those who control their thoughts to hate anybody with money. This envy is kept alive by trade unions and members of the various extreme left groups that infest and control the Labour party.

And they are damn good at venting their propaganda on social media.

Why is there so much anti-establishment, leftie, anti-government, anti-happiness, anti-everything on social media?  Well, it’s because the left who publish it refuse to work, preferring to live off the dole and undeclared money they make from theft and supplying illegal drugs. They have a lot of time on their hands. They spend their time bullying whoever they can via social media and generally being viciously negative about anybody they envy.

They will usually be anti-Semitic, and because of the recreational drugs they live on, they are convinced of global conspiracies and that the planet is controlled by Zionist lizards. Scary.

So, once again these ignorant druggies got themselves all confused.  They thought tax avoidance and tax evasion are the same thing.  Look tossers, if you are reading this, tax avoidance is buying Duty Free, ISAs, claiming for cleaning your uniform, getting a rebate for employing people, etc. It’s legally not paying tax, but getting a tax break. Tax evasion is not declaring cash in hand work, fiddling expenses, and offloading cash into other countries in order to make it invisible. It’s illegally not paying tax, and it’s not right.

Strangely, the druggies foaming at the mouth about Google or Facebook are happy to use either as a platform to bully others, whilst also saying how they are boycotting Marks and Spencer or Boots or Sky or, well, the list of hate is endless. As is their hate. The drugs they use long term always trigger so much anger and hatred alongside their paranoia.

They also have nothing to say about the trade unions that happily lodge all their money overseas. Or the members of the Labour Party.

But then, bullying is never about being fair and equally outraged, is it. It’s about taking orders from those that do the thinking for them and not looking into why they are being told to believe what they are encouraged to seethe about. They are content to be the foot soldiers and pawns of their masters and do their bidding via social media. But who are those in control?