The new cancer sticks


Round these parts ‘vaping’ is the new method of choice for forcing nicotine onto the lungs and bringing on cancer.  E-cigarettes, or ‘vapes’, are openly carried round feverishly clung on to by the not-working classes, especially women with children that are paid for by those who work.

Hey, since these women have no jobs and have opted instead to splat out children that we pay for, I guess we also pay for their vaping.  Oh, and the medical bills dealing with health issues that vaping causes.  And if they die, we end up having to pay even more for their children as they wallow around in care.

Sadly, vapers seem to want to inflict their poison on others in a way that cigarette smokers used to before the law changed to protect normal people from the smokers.  Vapers will vape away on buses and in stores and places that they shouldn’t.  However, just as we know about cigarette smokers, vapers are also selfish and self centred, believing they have some form of right to attempt to poison others.

It’s early days in the vaping craze.  As with all these things, it takes a while before we see the medical results of this form of self-abuse.  It could be another decade or so before research is able to show us what these evil folk are doing to us normals.  Heck, we don’t really care what is happening to them, but we need to be protected from them.  As do their children or anybody else they force to suffer their vaping.

And, as with the original cigarette smokers, vapers will protest that there is nothing wrong with their disgusting habit, until, of course, that research informs them how they are dying.  Then they’ll be in denial, just as the cigarette smokers before them. But, we’ve been here before, us normals.